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Music Boxes is a website for musicians, music teachers and students to learn about and purchase musical equipment at competitive prices. Musical equipment and Accessories include Guitar equipment, Amps and Effects, Pro Audio, Percussion, Keyboards, Orchestral equipment, Books and Media, Brass and Woodwind equipment, and Folk instruments.

The Space Between: A Bassistís Guide to Note Length

How resisting the urge to move on too quickly can help you lock into the groove....

Keith Urbanís Country-Rock Wizardry

Thereís more hiding behind those perfect locks and designer jeans than youíd think. Letís break down some of the country superstarís signature techniques....

Three Sides to Solo Guitar

Armed with a strong melody and an understanding of simple harmony, you can effortlessly move from ethereal to swinging arrangements....

Beyond Blues: The Allman Brothers Band

One of the most revered Southern rock bands of all time combined grit and soul with blazing blues guitar. Learn how Duane Allman and Dickey Betts forged an unforgettable sound....

Guthrie Govanís 'Erotic Cakes'

The breakthrough album by one of todayís most versatile guitarists covers everything from funky rhythms to emotive ballads....

Dear 6-String Sensei: Please Demystify the Modes of the Major Scale

Stumped by modes Youíre not alone. Let Sensei guide you through the vexing topic....

How to Use a Capo

Capos can help you play parts in tricky keys, be a tool for crafting lush layered sections, or just give you a way to avoid tough barre chords. Here are some tips for putting your capo to use....